Scout of the Month

April 2016-

April 2016

Ahmad Mohammady is from Bamiyan Province. He is 18 years old and attends 11th grade at Bamiyan City’s Boys High School. He joined the Scouts in 2012 after seeing two Scouts in uniform walking in the city, and at first thinking they were police but then after talking to them learning about Scouting and that it was a free program open to e Since that time he has been so dedicated to his role that he was selected as the Troop Leader for his troop. He says he wants to be a Scout for the rest of his life because Scouting teaches people about being responsible and that serving one’s community will lead to a brighter future for everyone. He was proud to be part of the Scout’s Peace Through Rule of Law program and the Drug Awareness program that the Scouts ran for youth in their communities. He is also proud to be trained in first aid so that he will be able to help if he is ever faced with an emergency.

March 2016

March 2016

Zahra is from Herat Province and is in 11th grade at the Girls’ School in Alluadin Orphanage in Kabul. She has been a member of the Alluadin Girl Scout Troop for five years, and has worked hard to become an assistant Scout leader and help run the troop’s weekly meetings. She says she looks up to Tamim, our Scout Director, because he was the one to encourage her to join Scouting, which she says has had a very positive impact on her life. She says Scouting has shown her that she can have a bright future and that she can achieve her dreams. Zahra says Scouting has given her confidence socially and academically, and that serving her community has made her proud of herself and her fellow Scouts. She loves programs such as the Scout Jamborees because she likes to learn from Scouts from other parts of Afghanistan and from other countries. She wants to use her experience as a Scout to work towards becoming an honest politician and helping her country.

Feb 2016

February 2016

Samiullah Fayzi is a 14 year old Scout from Balkh Province who lives in the Mazar-i Sharif Orphanage. He has been a Scout in the Mazar Troop for two years now, and was chosen to be the Troop Secretary. Samiullah joined the Scouts after the service manager in the orphanage told him about the camping, outdoor skills, and hiking activities that the Scouts get to take part in. He says that being a Scout has made him feel like he is fulfilling his duty to be a responsible member of his community. He especially enjoys the community service activities and was very proud of the awareness activities that the Scouts ran explaining to youth the dangers of drugs and drug addiction. He says he always wants to be a member of the Afghan Scouts and always does his best to encourage others to join.

Shakila Feb 2016

January 2016

Shakila Bekzad is 17 years old and is a member of Marastoon’s Troop 2. She is originally from Bamiyan, and joined the Afghan Scouts in Kabul one year ago. She holds the position of Food Quartermaster in her patrol, and is proud of her role. She says that her favourite part of the activities she does in Scouting is learning first aid, and that recently she travelled to Parwan Province with her fellow Scouts to carry out a Personal Hygiene training for children in the Parwan Orphanage, which she was very proud of. Her time as a Scout has given her the dream of going to school to become a doctor in the future.

jawed Amiri

March 2015

Mohammad Jawed Amiri is 14 years old and is in 8th grade at Mashal Bayat High School.  He was young when he joined the Afghan Scouts in the Cub Scouts program. At first he was nervous about the transition from Cubs to Scouts when her turned 12, but now he is happy he made the move to the older program. “Now I know the difference between Cub Scouts and Scouts,” he says, “I feel more responsible and my activities are more enjoyable. I have learned how to help people and my community, and to strive to do good every day.” Recently he put his Scouting first aid skills to a real life test when he found an injured boy in a park in Kabul. Together with a friend he carried the boy on his shoulders to a taxi so the boy could get to a hospital. We are proud to honor him as March’s Scout of the Month.

February 2015 - Esmatullah 2February 2015

Esmatullah Basiri is in 10th Grade of Mashal Bayat High School. He joined the Afghan Scouts 8 months ago after he heard about the program from his friends in school and saw pictures of Scout activities. He is very happy to be a scout and says he has learned many skills, such as how to live in a community, how to cook, how to respect others and communicate with them, and how to become the important person in society that he dreams to be. He wants to be an electrical engineer or a judge one day. His message to Afghanistan: “I wish everyone can learn about scouting and support this movement to grow in Afghanistan.”

Somaia cop

January 2015

Sumaia is 13 years old and is in the 5th grade of the school at Alluhadin Orphanage, where she lives. She was encouraged to join Scouting by another member of the orphanage, and she has become a very happy and active member of the Scouts. She wants to be a doctor in the future and continue to expand her role in Scouting.


December 2014

Khurshid Ahmad Fadaye is the troop leader for our Takhar Orphanage Scout Troop. He recently joined our Scout trip to the Jamboree in Pakistan and we all appreciated his enthusiasm and energy. Kurshid is 14 years old and in the 8th grade of the orphanage high school. He said that Scouting represents his hope for the future, and he wants to serve the people of Afghanistan and around the world through his scouting skills. He hopes that in the future he will see a time when there are no kids in orphanages or without families. Thank you for your hard work Kurshid Ahmad!


Ahmad Farid

November 2014

Ahmad Faird Safary is 15 years old and studies in the ninth grade at Ghulam Mohammad Ghobar High School. He joined the Afghan Scouts six months ago after hearing about it from his friends, and has done very well in the program. He was chosen to be responsible for the Koran recital at the opening and closing ceremonies at the Pakistan Jamboree that the Scouts attended last month. In the future Ahmad plans to continue working with Scouting to bring peace to Afghanistan, and he wishes to become a doctor.


October 2014

Serajuddin is an orphan in Faizabad national orphanage.  He has been there over four years. He joined Scouts two years ago in the orphanage program.  At that time there was a Scout Master working with the police/Scout programs.  Our staff started to notice that Serajuddin was doing all the Scout Master work, and that our Scout Master responsible was not working with the children.  This fall our Scout leadership removed the Scout Master who was not working well with the program and promoted Serajuddin into his place.  Serajuddin, now receives a stipend and runs our Scout program in Faizabad with weekly meetings, community service and comes to Kabul for regular training.  He represents our next generation of Scout Masters and we are very proud of him.



September 2014

Dunya has been a Scout in Marastoon for 2 years now. She is 14 years old and in ninth grade at Mashal Bayat High School. Dunya had known about Scouting for several years but her family lived on the other side of Kabul and its was too difficult for her to travel to Marastoon regularly to participate. However as soon as her family moved nearby two years ago, she immediately became a member. Dunya dreams of becoming a journalist one day, and plans to continue her participation in the Afghan Scouts, hoping to one day see the Scouts join the World Organization of the Scout Movement.


AUG Ali Reza

August 2014

Ali Reza Haidari is 13 years old and in 8th grade at Mashal Bayat High School. He lived in Marastoon for about three years and for the past year moved to a nearby neighbourhood. After being encouraged to join by some friends, Ali Reza joined the Cub Scouts where he stayed for three years. A year ago he joined the Marastoon Scout Troop Number 1 where he has advanced quickly to become the Assistant Patrol Leader. Ali Reza wants to become a journalist and hopes that one day soon the Afghan Scout Association will be able to register at WOSM so that the Scouts will be supported in spreading to all corners of the country.


JULY Robina2

July 2014

Robina Shojaee has been a Scout for four years now along with her younger brother and sister. She is 14 years old and is in 9th grade at Mashal Bayat High School. She spent about 10 years living in Marastoon and for the last year has been living elsewhere. Her classmates are the people her first encouraged her to become a Scout. She has learned many leadership skills in the past four years and now wants to become a doctor, and to always contribute to a peaceful future for Afghanistan. Robina wants to remain involved in the Afghan Scouts to help Scouting expand into all provinces in Afghanistan.


June 2014

Sayed ParwanSayed Ishaq is a Scout from the National Orphanage of Parwan. He has lived in the orphanage for six years and has excelled in the Afghan Scouting program, moving up to the position of Patrol Leader.

Sayed is 13 years old and is in 6th grade at Mohammad Osman High School. He says that in his future he wants to become a religious scholar and also remain active with the Scouts and eventually become a Scout Master. He says about his journey to become a Scout:

“I didn’t know anything about Scouting, but with the encouragement of our principal and teachers, and the with the information brought by two Scouting people when they  came for the first time to our orphanage about the Afghan Scouts and world of Scouting, I decided to join. I want to serve Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan.”


May 2014

Ghulam Hazrat is a Troop Leader in one of our Tai Maskan Orphanage Scout  Troops. He has been a Scout for 4 years, and has lived in Tai Maskan for 11 years. He is originally from Kapisa province.

Ghulam is now 17 and has become an important leader among our Scouts there – in fact Tai Maskan’s second troop was established when, 1 year ago, he volunteered to take the responsibility of being troop leader.

Ghulam has 3 goals for his future. 1 – becoming a Scout Master and working as a leader of the Scouts. 2 – Going to University for Law or Journalism. 3 – Working part time. He care deeply about the future of Scouts and will do whatever he can to make sure that the Tai Maskan troop flourishes even after he is gone.


April 2014

17-03 - Sheila

Sheila is the troop leader for one of our girls’ troops in Alluahdin orphanage in Kabul. She is 17 years old and has been a Scout for about 2 years now. She is very dedicated and enthusiastic about Scouting and is a huge help running activities and encouraging her fellow Scouts.

Sheila has earned three badges so far – her citizenship badge, Rule of Law, and first aid. She is always eager for our weekly troop meetings, but her favorite days are the holiday activities that we put together.

Sheila hopes to complete her basic course one day to become a Scout Master, and she also plans to continue high school in order to complete her grade twelve.


March 2014:

Zabihullah’s journey to joining the Afghan Scouts and becoming our March Scout of the Month was uncertain and rocky at times, but once he jumped on track it quickly showed that he was a natural born Scout!

His story stated when he first heard about Scouting through his mother. She had visited PARSA a few times for our women’s programs and encouraged him to join, but it was a long distance for him to commute from home to Marastoon, so he initially declined.

However luck turned in Zabih’s favor way when his family moved nearby to the PARSA offices and his little sister joined the Scouts. She came home after every Scouting event with lots of stories about the activities she did at Scouts and the fun she was having. Soon Zabih was convinced that he should try out a meeting – and he never looked back!

As soon as he joined the Scouts we could all see that although Zabih appeared to be quiet and reserved, he had plenty of hidden skills and was a natural born leader. He was an eager learner and quickly picked up everything we taught him through our Scouting activities. Soon he had warranted the respect of his fellow Scouts and within a year of his joining they had already elected him a Troop Leader, at which he has succeeded with flying colors.

We are extremely happy to have Zabih as a member of the Marastoon Afghan Scouts and are proud to elect him as this month’s Scout of the Month. Congratulations Zabih!


Another Scout of the Month coming in April!