Afghan Scouts Programs are organized in a similar fashion to other Scouts programs around the world. Our age categories consist of:

Cubs (8-12)


Rovers (19-25)

Leaders (25+)

Scout Promise & Law: Making a personal commitment

Learning by doing: Active participation with others. Opportunities for new experiences.

Team system (Patrol): The small group system is the basic organizational structure in Scouting. Young people experience adventure and challenge in small teams composed of a team leader and roles for each team member.

Symbolic Framework: Provides a setting for Scouting; through the use of symbols, themes, stories, notions the young person’s imagination is stimulated and activities are given a purpose.

Personal Progression: This involves the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes in all areas and the development of the whole person as an individual and as a member of society.

Nature: Outdoor activities, adventures and the exploration of nature refer to the immense possibilities that the natural world offers for the development of the young person.

Adult support: Scouting is a partnership between the young person and the adult; the adult provides support for the young person in groups which become increasingly self-governing.