Mina’s Scout “Sarandoy” Project

Scouting in Afghanistan is a tradition that goes back 80 years. It teaches young Afghan boys and girls positive morals and how to work together for peace through supporting their communities.

The program flourished before the Soviet Invasion in the 80s when it was slowly extinguished by 30 years of war. Only in the last decade has a new generation of Afghan youth, led by the 18-year old Afghan-based organization PARSA, rekindled the Scouting flame.

Read more about our Afghan Scouting History here.

In order to support the future of the Afghan Scouts with the memories of the program’s beautiful history, we are collecting stories from Afghans who have Scouting related memories from before the 1980s. If you have any personal memories or know someone who might, please leave your story and contact details in the comments section below.

Please support us by sharing your stories, telling your family and friends about our search, and helping PARSA fund an initiative to document the personal stories and support the growth of the program.

“….at the Scout community ceremony in Nangarhar, I was the announcer. It was my first public speaking experience and I was really proud of what I was doing…”

“Pure, honest and warm to our people.

No prejudice, no demand, no arrogance.

We are no more or no less than others – we are equal.

Long last equality. Sisters, brothers, friends… this was a Tarana we used to sing together”

 These memories will keep the rich history of the Afghan Scouts alive and available to our new generation of Scouts, motivating them in their quest to develop as the future leaders of the country – leading Afghanistan to peace and prosperity.

Contact Mina directly at mina@afghanistan-parsa.org.

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