Turkey International Scout Camp

The Afghan Scouts are proud to announce that our trip this past month to Istanbul for the Turkey International Scout Camp was a success. The event was hosted by the Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey and sanctioned by the World Organization of the Scouting Movement, and hosted Scouts from eight countries including Georgia, Libya, Palestine, Morocco and Turkmenistan.

We sent three members of our Afghan Scout leadership team to the event with the goal of linking the Afghan Scouts with their Turkish counterparts and paving the way to sending a group of Cub Scouts to the event in future years, and also to invite Turkish troops to Afghanistan. Jawad – who attended the event on behalf of the Afghan Scouts, was able to establish a good relationship with Mr. Hassan Subashi, the Turkish Chief of Federation, and reported that “he is very interested in the Afghan Scouts and learning more about Afghanistan and our Scouting system, and is ready to come to Kabul whenever we invite him.”

Our three representatives also participated in the event’s Culture Day, where they sparked interest in fellow participants by showcasing Afghanistan’s beautiful traditional clothing and delicious selection of local dried fruits. The event was overall a great success and the Afghan Scouts are looking forward to participating in more WOSM events in the future.