Elections Day Skit


The Afghan Scouts provided the entertainment for our first PARSA Friday Brunch of the new year by putting on an “Elections Day” skit for us. They definitely captured the drama of elections day and, most importantly, the great work of the Afghan Police in stomping out the corruption and saving the day. What a great day!

Friday Brunch:

The Elections Day Skit:

First: The bad samaritans stuffing the ballot boxes.


Then: The Afghan National Police arrive, thanks to a tip off from the Scouts.DSC04181

The ballot box-stuffers are arrested.

They admit their crimes.

Then they are led away by the police.DSC04197

The ANP thank the Afghan Scouts for their tip off.

It was positive collaboration between the ANP and Afghan civilians that led to such positive election results. Another great skit by the Scouts, and another great afternoon at PARSA’s Friday Brunch!